Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jose Bautista Officially Signs

Details: 8 million in 2011,14 million each season in 2012-15, with 14 million team option for 2016.

Pro: A hitter in the heart of the lineup that needs one.
Con: Potentially a .250 hitter with 30 home runs annually, not worth the pay.
Reaction: One of the sides will regret signing this contract. Only time will tell which side got the bad end.


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  2. As much as I like JoBau, this is a strange deal for me. It seems completely out of character for Alex Anthopolous to sign a player with a future as uncertain as Bautista's to a deal like this. If this fails, he will be virtually untradeable--more so than Vernon Wells, who at least proved that he could hit 30+ home runs on multiple occasions.

  3. If he reverts to his pre-2010 self, trade him to LA again.