Monday, February 14, 2011

Michael Young Trade Possibilities: If Salary Was Ignored

Michael Young, though old and declining (and not much of a fielder), can still hit with a respectable average, some power, and 100 OPS+. If money was not a problem, and he would allow any trade, where would he fit? I'll examine the left sides of the infield for the other 29 teams.

Angels: With Aybar and Izturis on the left side of the infield, Michael Young suddenly looks pretty good. If Reagins traded for Wells, why not Young?

Astros: Barmes make Young look like Hanley. Defensively too.

Athletics: Probably would be an upgrade over Kouzmanoff, but he can still have a nice season. Pennington on the other hand, had a higher WAR than Young last season, due to his superior defense.

Blue Jays: Bautista is listed at third, so that is out of the question. Compared to Escobar at short, Young would be better offensively, but worse defensively.

Braves: Young probably would hit better than Gonzalez at short, but no way will the Braves sit Chipper for him.

Brewers: Yuniesky at short. Who wouldn't sit Betancourt for Young at short? (Dayton Moore?) McGehee had higher WAR and OPS+ compared to Young, so no thank you.

Cardinals: Freese looks okay at third, but Theriot is no match for Young.

Cubs: Starlin Castro and Aramis Ramirez. Looks solid here.

Diamondbacks: Drew and Mora looks okay too.

Dodgers: Blake and Furcal. Not too bad.

Giants: Sandoval and Tejada. Let's leave them alone.

Indians: Nix and Cabrera looks okay from last year's stats. However, Young would be slight upgrade over both.

Mariners: Replacing Wilson with Young looks fine. Why is this guy a starting shortstop again?

Marlins: Sitting Hanley? No. Sitting Helms? Yes!

Mets: Reyes and Wright. Looks about right.

Nationals: Desmond could improve next year. Zimmerman will still be Zimmerman (and not Zimmermann).

Orioles: Hardy and Reynolds seem set. Hardy could do better, and Young could do worse.

Padres: Barlett and Headley, though not big power hitters, can contribute as much as Young can.

Phillies: With Polanco and Rollins, Young won't find a spot.

Pirates: Alvarez is a no-touch, because he is still improving, but Cedeno benched for Young won't kill the team.

Rays: Brignac earned a spot at short. Can you imagine picking Young over Longoria?

Red Sox: Scutaro, why not. Youkilis, you tell us.

Reds: Janish can outperform Young this season, but there's also a large possibility that he won't. Rolen on the other hand, probably will outperform Young.

Rockies: With Tulowitzki and Stewart manning the positions, I don't see Young starting.

Royals: Young can hit better than Escobar and Aviles, right?

Tigers: Peralta and Inge: two guys who can, and probably will be benched for Young if given the choice.

Twins: Casilla and Valencia looks respectable there, assuming Casilla will finally be Good Alexi and not Bad Alexi.

White Sox: Some people might choose Ramirez and Morel, which could pay off. Me? Welcome to Chicago, Michael Young.

Yankees: Jeter and Rodriguez. Two FAT contracts, two guys not getting benched anytime soon.

Looking back, 16 out of 29 teams can get a considerable upgrade in Young. However, his contract and no trade clause is in the way, and might not budge easily.


  1. Note that, if the Blue Jays put Jose Bautista in right field--where he wants to play and where the team wants him to play--a gaping hole is left at third base where Michael Young would fit nicely. (Remember that the Jays just cleared off a couple of big money players and, therefore, have room for his contract).

  2. Well I'm referring to the depth charts on, and anything can change between now and regular season, so this list may change significantly in 6 weeks. Regardless of it, I do agree that Young can fit in at third for Toronto. He could fit in a few more places if we account for DHs and potential train wrecks